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Robotic solutions from production to implementation

The use of robots leads to more efficient and flexible production and packaging processes. The use of robots is also increasing; robots are fast, accurate, reliable, flexible, easy to implement and work all day and night! Van Uitert delivers with their client-specific installations an active contribution to innovative robotic solutions. Robots can be implemented as part of a production line in which the robots can perform different tasks, such as transferring, packing, unpacking, palletising and de-palletising, et cetera. Along with internal conveyance, robots play a crucial handling-role in the production process. Van Uitert has the knowledge, experience and hardware to solve all your handling problems.

You ask, we design

For handling a variety of products Van Uiterts develops and produces its own robots. Each robot is tested in a special test room in our factory, where we can simulate a part of or the whole installation. Thanks to their reliability and availability robots increase the speed of production, increase the safety of the processes and reduce the chance of failure or manufacturing defects.

We supply

  • Robots
  • Clasp robots
  • Software
  • Topchime applicator

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