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Policy statement

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Policy statement

This policy statement has been drawn up on behalf of Van Uitert Companies B.V. and also applies for all subsidiary companies, hereinafter referred to as Van Uitert Companies.

Van Uitert Companies strives to achieve a good balance between corporate social responsibility and financial profitability, which is a condition to guarantee the continuity of the company.

Our goal is to provide the best total solutions in the field of internal transport; from advice and design right through to the commissioning and related complementary services (including engineering, maintenance and training). Van Uitert Companies delivers worldwide and aims to maintain its leading position at home and abroad.

Van Uitert Companies considers it important to build a sustainable relationship with all of its customers/suppliers. We accomplish this by fulfilling/issuing orders according to agreed specifications (and obvious expectations).  The importance of a good relationship with our clients has high priority, but without making any concessions with respect to the health and safety of our employees or third parties, or in terms of environmental impact.

Our suppliers and subcontractors are selected based on their performance and their organisation.  As such, efficiency, quality, safety, responsible behaviour and environmental protection play a decisive role.

We expect all our employees and representatives that are affiliated with Van Uitert Companies to adopt a proactive attitude and to contribute to the maintenance of this policy statement.

We have formulated a number of policy areas on which we focus:


  • We respect international laws and regulations
  • We ensure that we conduct our business in a legal manner
  • We keep partnerships and collaboration open and transparent


  • We apply honest business practices with consideration for people and the environment
  • We ensure ethically responsible behaviour, values and standards
  • We are against bribery, fraud and corrupt practices
  • We subscribe to the principle of the ETI Base Code (see website)

Safety and caring for people

  • We ensure the health and safety of our employees or representatives
  • We do this by acting according to predefined procedures and working instructions
  • Our employees and subcontractors are bound by these procedures and working instructions

Human rights

  • We are an employer that offers all of our employees equal opportunities and fair working conditions
  • We are against forced and/or child labour

Care for the environment

  • We endeavour to prevent negative impacts on the environment from business-related activities
  • We make an active contribution to reducing energy consumption and combat climate change as a result of CO2 emissions as much as possible
  • We apply sustainable materials, techniques and concepts

Training, development & innovation

  • We actively invest in education, integrity training and development
  • We are open to suggestions and listen to ideas
  • We encourage continuous improvement and strive for high degrees of innovation

Obligation to report suspected violations of legislation or policy

  • It is essential that all employees or representatives comply with the law and our company policy. Any concerns and doubts about non-compliance must be reported to protect us all 
  • Suspected violations are reported in accordance with the procedure under the House for Whistleblowers Act (see website for further information)

Furthermore, our policy is aimed at preventing errors by identifying the causes of (possible) errors and removing them.  By learning from deviations and customers’ responses to our surveys, we aim to continuously optimise the quality of our services and our QHSE care system.

We safeguard this aim by maintaining the certificates below:

ISO 9001-2015 and OHSAS 18001-2007.

The specific QHSE objectives of Van Uitert Companies are reviewed annually by the management and adjusted if necessary.

Dongen, 01-06-2019

Arthur van Uitert                                   Robert Huijben                                     Robbie Biemans

General Director                                   Technical Sales Director                      Operational Director

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