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Code of conduct

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Code of Conduct

1. Introduction

This Code of Conduct has been drawn up on behalf of Van Uitert Companies B.V. and also applies for all subsidiary companies, hereinafter referred to as Van Uitert Companies.

Van Uitert Companies attach great value to quality and integrity. These values are fundamental to our responsibilities to colleagues, clients and the community.

This Code of Conduct describes our principles for conducting ethically responsible business.

This Code of Conduct contains regulations and measures on how Van Uitert Companies handle general standards of conduct and values.

2. Equal treatment

  • Discrimination based on ethical origin, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender or age is never accepted. Neither in recruiting and selecting staff and in the internal promotion policy, nor in cooperation with third parties, such as suppliers, subcontractors and clients.
  • Decisions are made solely on the basis of business, considerations of integrity and never on the basis of discriminatory considerations.
  • We respect and protect the privacy and value of every individual. We do not tolerate discrimination, intimidation or other behaviour that conflicts with the law or a rule of unwritten law pertaining to proper social conduct.
  • We support diversity and respect each person as an individual.

3. Dealings with each other

  • The employer’s staff treat each other and their business relations with respect and integrity. We communicate openly and honestly and assume our responsibility at all times. We act and communicate in accordance with the business interests of the employer and never seek power or other personal gain.
  • Intimidation and bullying are not tolerated in any way and will be punished.

4. Communication

  • The employer’s staff always communicate, in whatever form or via any medium, with respect for the person about whom or with whom they communicate. (Ethnic) defamation, personal insults and obscenity are never permitted, while the privacy of others is always respected.
  • This particularly applies to communication via social media.  The employer’s staff should always observe the rules of conduct referred to in this code of conduct as well as the desired confidentiality of the subject when participating in or using social media networks.

5. Data protection and information security

  • In all business processes, the employer makes every effort to ensure the protection of privacy, the protection of personal data and the security of all company information.
  • With respect to the technical and organisational protection of this data, particularly the protection against unauthorised access and loss, the employer follows procedures that take current risks into account.

6. Non-disclosure

  • Careless handling of confidential information can harm the employer or its relations, and is therefore not tolerated.
  • All of the employer’s staff signed a non-disclosure agreement on commencement of employment or at a later date.

7. Bribery, ancillary activities and a conflict of interest

  • Van Uitert Companies seeks to do business without extortion, bribery and other illegal, unethical or fraudulent activities. We comply with all applicable laws and regulations of the countries in which we operate.
  • The employer’s staff are not permitted to derive any personal gain, in any manner whatsoever, from any of the employer’s business relations.
  • It is not permitted to have private work carried out or to have deliveries made by the employer’s business relations if such would result in any personal gain.

8. Promotional gifts, invitations and presents

  • Promotional gifts and invitations from the employer are solely intended to show our appreciation for a client. They are never intended to influence decision-making, nor are they intended as an exchange for a service rendered.
  • The employer’s staff who receive promotional gifts or invitations must ensure that they are not intended to influence decision-making or in return for a future or rendered service.
  • Promotional gifts and invitations must always be reported.
  • Cheques, money or disproportionately expensive gifts are never given or accepted as promotional gifts.

9. E-mail usage

The e-mail system is made available for business use. Use is therefore related to tasks derived from the job.

9.1. Forbidden e-mail usage

It is forbidden to use the e-mail system for:

  • Sending messages with a pornographic, racist, discriminatory, offensive or offensive content.
  • Sending messages with (sexually) intimidating content.
  • Sending messages that (may) incite hatred and/or violence.
  • Unauthorised accessing of other employees’ and/or contacts’ e-mails, to send e-mails in someone else’s name. 

10. Internet usage

The Internet system is made available for business use Use is therefore related to tasks derived from the job

10.1 Prohibited internet use

It is forbidden to use the internet for:

  • Visiting Internet sites that contain pornographic, racist, discriminatory, offensive or offensive material.
  • Trying to visit websites to which the employer has taken technical steps to block direct access.
  • The employee is aware of the impact of social media. The employee is not allowed to speak negatively about the employer on social media.
  • Downloading software and applications without permission.

Van Uitert Companies reserves the right, after consultation with the relevant works council, to block Internet websites in such a way that it is impossible for employees to visit these websites.

11. Reporting possible irregularities or violations of this code of conduct

It is essential that all employees or representatives comply with the law and our company policy. Concerns and doubts about non-compliance must be reported to protect all of us.

  • Employees are obliged to inform managers of any possible violations of the rules contained in this code of conduct.
  • To this end, employees can always contact the reporting officer. The reporting officer is Mr K. Severijns.
  • Suspected violations are reported in accordance with the procedure under the House for Whistleblowers Act (see our website for further information).

12. Monitoring

Van Uitert Companies is entitled to monitor compliance with this code of conduct. To this end, Van Uitert Companies has a permanent registration system. If this registration shows an observed increase in e-mail traffic or Internet visits, Van Uitert Companies may decide to investigate further. A further investigation by Van Uitert Companies can also be initiated based on other indications such as sensory perception, notifications, complaints or reports from other employees or third parties outside the company.  If Van Uitert Companies decides to initiate a further investigation into e-mail and Internet visits, the employee concerned will be notified.

13. Applicability

This code of conduct applies to all employees employed by Van Uitert Companies. This code of conduct also applies to all employees employed by the abovementioned legal entities. This code of conduct forms an integral part of the individual employment contract.

14. Penalties

If a staff member does not comply with one or more of the aforementioned prohibitions and/or the code of conduct, the company may take disciplinary action. Possible disciplinary measures are a reprimand, suspension and dismissal.

15. Consultation

This code of conduct has been submitted to the works council for consultation. In the event of a change or withdrawal of this code of conduct, the works council will be consulted again in advance.

16. Unforeseen circumstances

If circumstances arise that are not provided for in this code of conduct, the Management of Van Uitert Companies shall decide after consultation with the works council.

17. Employee representation

The entry into force of this Code of Conduct does not in any way render the works council’s power of assent or any other right to participate ineffective.

18. Date of entry into force

This code of conduct will take effect as from 1 June 2019.

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